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Shaken but not Stirred !

Every morning we look forward to our cup of coffee and with it, catching up on conversations with our families and friends on our favorite WhatsApp groups. Indians are known to be prone to this disorder of 'spam to greet' !  While some of these messages are genuinely inspirational, others are mere forwards, often repeated and sent mechanically without much thought.

One message which caught my eye recently was about a tasteless coffee with sugar at the bottom. I am sure all of us would have come across such a situation at least once while having our favorite brew. A typical reaction would be to mentally curse the person who has prepared the coffee. This would be followed by a request or even demand for sugar. Those who are more polite would have the coffee till the last sip, only to discover the sugar at the bottom. Apply this metaphor to your life, and you would find yourself blaming God for making your life bland and tasteless. I am reminded of our Bollywood movies with its scenes of the "angry young man" standing in the temple before God and having a heated monologue, complaining about the raw deal that life has given him. He goes on to question God for this injustice, demanding a reprieve for being an ardent disciple. 

If you feel that life has become tasteless, of late, then give it a big shake! Review your goals and change them to suit the new scenario. If you have not yet written down your goals, it is never to late to start. Read your goals every day and visualize having achieved them. A lot has been written about the Law of Attraction - set your goals, visualize them, ask the Universe for what you want, think positively and your dreams will manifest. While I do believe in setting goals and visualizing them, I strongly believe that unless you take action, your dreams cannot manifest on their own! Visualizing your goals helps to build the commitment and motivation within you. Use this drive to make realistic plans for achieving those goals. Breakdown your plan into action steps and then take action, action and action!

So when life gives you a bitter coffee, remember to give it a good shake and not wait for a spoon to give it a stir! This is how my childhood hero James Bond likes his martinis - shaken but not stirred !

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