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Thank You Corona !

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Never did I think,

The need to thank a virus;

This mean, deadly bug,

Which has set the world afire!

I woke up today morning,

To the sound of chirping birds;

A silence so welcoming,

It made me pen these words!

Days to stay at home,

And recoup our energies;

It's time for family bonding,

And to relive old memories!

As the world prepares,

To fight the corona menace;

Go back to mother nature,

If you want to find solace!

It's time to roll back,

From our fast paced lives;

Hark the whispering winds,

And the humming bee hives!

A time for us to upgrade,

And develop new skills;

A time to sharpen our saws,

And be ready for the kill!

That day will come soon,

When corona will face defeat;

But will the world ever learn?

Playing with nature is no mean feat!

I fear now the day,

When corona will be no more;

And the world will go back,

To its meaningless days of chore!

Learn ye O World,

That it is time to introspect;

If we have to co-exist,

With nature we have to connect!

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