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The Reading Habit

"A Room Without Books Is A Body Without Soul" - Marcus Tullius Cicero 

I was introduced to the world of books at a very early age. I started with reading picture stories as a toddler, when it was barely possible for me to read complete sentences. At the age of seven, my sister gave me my first full fledged book - a novel by Enid Blyton, titled The Secret Island. It was such a delightful experience, that I read the same book twice over. After that I was unstoppable, devouring a cupboard full of books in a short time. 

As I grew up, my taste for good books did not diminish. I begged, borrowed, joined the local library - anything to satiate my hunger for reading. I had also moved on to more mature topics and genres, even joining the British Council Library, which was the only one to stock a variety of books. My parents were very supportive of my reading habit. We could forego some of the other luxuries, but not give up buying our stock of books every month ! 

The most successful leaders in this world have extolled the virtues of the reading habit, directly attributing it to their success. From Bill Gates to Richard Branson, Warren Buffet to Jack Ma, each one of them have a passion for reading. They often speak about how reading results in learning, generation and implementation of new ideas. 

Have you developed the habit of reading?  Schedule time in your calendar by putting aside a dedicated reading slot. A survey shows that CEOs on an average read one book a week. The first time is always difficult. Start by reading a chapter a day and soon you would find yourself reaching your target. How do I manage to make reading a habit?  I have blocked half an hour of time on my calendar every day, before going to bed. Most often I end up reading for an hour or more, and end up postponing my bedtime ! Are you ready to take the challenge? I would like to hear about your experiences. I will share on a regular basis, some of the key learning and takeaways that I have gained through the habit of reading. Watch out for my blogs in the coming days. Meanwhile, get started with reading every day and discover the power of reading. 

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